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Phone  + (202) 33046060 
Fax  +(202) 33470059 

BiscoMisr owns three factories, one in Cairo and two in Alexandria, which   produce its famous favorites such as the chocolate-filled Ramsis biscuits and   the plain biscuit Luxe, Marie and Tea Biscuit, also the famous date bar known   now as Datto. Today BiscoMisr’s all outlets carry the company’s new sign and logo, offering   sweet-toothed customers a variety of confectionary products across the country.   The new management has focused lately to widen its network of outlets in   both Cairo and Alexandria ,reaching now a total of more than 33 outlets allover   Egypt

Address  BiscoMisr

10 Shehab Street



Zip/ Postal Code  Cairo, Egypt 

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